Birthday All Day

Once upon a time there baby called Ann. And then she had a birthday today. Tada! And then she wanted to do it all day. And then she did her birthday all day. She opened presents first. Opened with her brother! And then she runned really fast in the whole house! And then she drives on a road by herself with a car. Brothers toy car. And then she at cake! The cake was good. Thee end! Written and illustrated[Read more]

Learning to Love Rejection

Rejection. It is a big, ugly word. No one likes to hear it. As a teen you learn to fear it from the opposite sex. As a writer you must not only learn to accept it, but love it. Rejection Happens Before our flood, I wrote a fifty word story to a great site where I have submitted pieces before. Stories for the site must be no more and no less than fifty words. Exactly. It’s a fun challenge. I really[Read more]

God’s Imagination

The last word of the from our daily bible chapter is read. I sigh from exhaustion and relief. The sandman has been working his magic on me all evening but has yet to find his way to my sweet four year old boy. “Song, Mommy!” He says smacking his hands on either side of my face making me feel like a fish. I raise my eyebrows in an effort to keep my eyes open. “Ok,” I say wrapping my arms[Read more]

Interview With a Mother: Jasmine Almeida

It is an honor to have Jasmine from Happiest Mama as our guest today. Her site is uplifting, inspiring and beautiful. Once month she also interviews mothers but she is switching seats today!   1. Let’s start with the happiest topic. Please tell us about your children. I have three children: Max is almost 5, Leo just turned 2, and Paloma is 10 months old. They are full of energy from dawn til dusk and bring us so much joy.[Read more]