6 Things Every Mom Should Know About Turning Thirty

It’s supposed to be scary, right?

The end of the ‘fun’ decade. The true end of childhood. The start of fine lines and grey hairs.

The big three zero.

But before you start stressing over this new age, Mama, there some things you should know.

1. You’re Not a Kid

I have two kids, a husband and old am enough to have an grown-up drink with dinner. Yet I didn’t feel real an adult.

Until now.

People in their twenties are the age group of drinking and partying. People don’t fully trust their punctuality or wisdom. Less respect is given.

They’re still too young for it.

So, on the day I turned thirty I finally felt like an adult. Just because of a number.

And I like it.

As an adult I feel:

  •  More free.
  •  More trusted.
  •  And old enough to finally be taken seriously.

This makes me look forward to my thirties.


2. Gray Hairs and Wrinkles, Oh My!

One of the worst things about turning 30 is that fact that we’re getting older, and not just by numbers.

Age starts to rear its head.

I do have some fine lines around my mouth. Dark circles under my eyes, and white hairs sprinkled around my bangs. And kids seem to make each physical ‘imperfection’ appear quicker.

Yet, I feel pretty.

There is something to be said for a mature woman. Their confidence, the wisdom in their beauty.

And not just stunning celebrities like Angelina Jolie or Meryl Streep, but the lovely women you see walking down the street, or at the office.

I look in the mirror and like what I see. I feel elegant.

And so should you.


3. Mommy Naptime

Ok, this could be because of working, motherhood and writing, but I am exhausted.

When you’re a mom of young children trying to sleep at night can end up feeling like a bunch of naps strung together. Plus working and trying to get some words on a screen make me want to close my eyes for an hour. Or week. A busy life makes me tired.

Or it could also be because I’m getting older.

I had a fantastic birthday with my friends and family. A cake, delicious food, a day off and kisses from my kids.

Yet, I imagined how nice it would be to sit with a book or computer, a snack and cold or hot beverage. To do nothing sounded like a dream.

Though, of course, not always.

I can still have some fun out with friends and music.

The difference is I am happy with being at home on a Saturday night now.


5.  More Time to Look Back On

This is where thirty gets scary.

Getting older gives you more time to look back on. I now have thirty years of life to look back on. To contemplate what we have accomplished.

Or haven’t.

As a kid, I dreamt I would be a singer, actress, or writer. And while I am working on one of those things now it is easy to look at my life and think I haven’t accomplished any of my childhood goals.

That I have failed.

You may have had plan to be at a certain point in your career, have written a book, or traveled the world.

And you might not have done any of those things yet. It’s terrifying.

But don’t worry.

If this is the case for you take a moment and make a list and write down everything you have DONE. ALL of it. The list will grow faster than you think and you may feel better.

I married a fantastic man, have two goofy kids that I love with my soul, learned a language and learned a ton about life.

What’s your list?


6. You Don’t Give a… Bleep

Life is filled with worry. From a baby throwing a tantrum out of fear another kid will take their toy to a teenager in love and filled with fear of rejection, worry follows throughout our maturation. As worry does throughout life.

But, I find myself less concerned with the little things.

• Did that person at work give me a strange look?
• Will I look stupid if I wear this sweater?
• I forgot to shave my legs. Dun, dun, dun…

Maybe I care a little less now because I have bigger things to worry about.

• My kid’s first year at kindergarten.
• The nutrition of both my kids. And husband.
• Hoping that I am raising these humans to handle this world, know God, and be people they can be proud of.

And I am sure you have a similar list. Maybe not about kids or family, but certainly a whole new set of things to care about.

So far thirty hasn’t been too scary.

In fact, it’s been great.

As a coworker said, “I didn’t know it would be so easy.”

So, don’t let the world scare you or your mind play games with you. Take a deep breath and blow out your candles with a smile.

It’s going to be alright.

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