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On the site you will find:

Writing Tips 

Helpful articles about writing.


Bits of fun, true, or fictional stories written by me and others.

A Growing Community

Join the Facebook group of mothers just like you who already are or dream of being a writer.

What Others Say

"Jewel was such a big part of the creation of the Amazon best selling book, When You're Done Expecting. I kept bugging her with questions and, even though had a job, was writing, and taking care of her kids, she took the time to chat with me. I really appreciated her help. You can learn a lot at Write away, Mommy."

Parul Agrawal Best Selling Author

"Jewel is one of the most talented storytellers I know. Subscribe and learn her secrets. You'll be glad you did."

Frank McKinley - Author and coach

Jewel is my go to for all things writing. She is a treasure trove of resources and ideas. Besides being a wonderful mom and writer, she is a talented editor, too! Something I can vouch for when she helped me tighten up my story for our collaborative book, When You are Done Expecting. If you are a mother and writer, Write away, Mommy is the place to be. 

Aditi Wardhan Singh - Founder of Raising World Children, and Best Selling Author

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